Working with Teams, Roles and Locations

Sometimes you may have a shifts in your schedule that you don't want to be open to every volunteer in your community. These might be for specialist roles where you want to carefully select the members of a team. You can restrict these shifts by changing the access type for the team, role or location.

There are two access types: open or restricted.

Open is the default and means that anyone can see the shifts for this team, role or location.

Restricted means that only volunteers that have been added as a member of that team, role or location can see the shifts.

For example:

I have lots of different tasks that require general volunteers without any special qualifications. There are a lot of tasks so I have divided them up into teams. I've made them open access because anyone can join them.

However, I also have a strike team that is handling heavy and expensive equipment, I may want to create a team called "Strike" and to give it a restricted access type. This means that any shifts I create for the strike team will only appear in the schedule for members of the Strike team.


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