What's the difference between the ADI edition and Library edition of Theory Test Pro?

There are two editions of Theory Test Pro - the ADI edition and the Library edition. Either edition may be given away for free to learner drivers - however there are key feature differences between the two editions. 

Library Edition

Theory Test Pro has been available in public libraries throughout the UK from the first day that we launched in 2008. In fact, Theory Test Pro is also available in public libraries, schools, military bases and even prisons. The Library edition allows anyone with a valid membership or library card to register an account and practice for free.

ADI Edition

However, the library edition is different to the ADI edition. There are additional features that we specifically developed to help ADIs manage and teach their pupils, including the ability to:

  • Invite and enrol pupils onto your Theory Test Pro account by email or SMS message,
  • View a student report card and see their latest study progress
  • Send and receive messages and comments between pupils and their ADI
  • Review pupil progress and print out full test manuscripts with results
  • Get new pupil introductions from our ADI directory (described in more detail below)

In addition, instructors on our Plus and Premium plans can offer your pupils access to our app. This means that they can use Theory Test Pro on their smartphone while offline and without an internet connection. Anyone can use Theory Test Pro on their smart phone web browser, however it will require an internet connect at all times - whereas the app (which not available in libraries) works offline as well.

We also have a Theory Test Pro ADI directory. This came about because libraries had asked us to connect their library members that were using Theory Test Pro to a trustworthy instructor. ADIs that are listed in this directory may receive pupil introductions through this channel at no cost. If a learner driver from a library connects with an ADI on Theory Test Pro and becomes a pupil then all of their test history is visible in the ADI's account.

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