The Hazard Perception clips won't play; what should I do?

Please be sure you're using one of the supported browsers listed below. Your browser must be equal to or greater than what's listed.

- Internet_explorer: 10,
- Firefox: 35,
- Safari: 7,
- Android,
- Opera: 16,
- Chrome: 29
- iOS we support only devices with iOS 10+

If you are using a supported browser, then to sort this problem you'll just need to clear your browser cache by taking the steps listed below:

1. Click on Start Menu
2. Click on Control Panel
3. Click on Internet Options
4. Click on Delete
5. Click on Delete Files - only in the Temporary Internet Files section
6. Click on 'Yes' to confirm
7. Click on 'Ok'
8. Click on Close
9. Restart browser

If you need further support, please get in touch with us at  

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