How many Hazard Perception Video clips do you have?

We have licensed all the CGI clips from the DVSA that they allow any licensee.  Then we have even more of our own for a combined total of 73 clips. 

We've updated the hazard perception test for a smoother, more modern, experience. You'll notice that it now works like the mobile app.

Previously you would need to manually work through a long list of clips - and keep track of the ones that you'd already seen. The new player replaces this with a simple "Start" button that will automatically choose a clip that you haven't already seen.

Note that the new hazard perception player doesn't have a mock test option - however you can simulate a mock test and play a sequence of clips by clicking the "Next Clip" button. This will auto-select another clip that they haven't seen and will be very similar to a mock test.

You should also note that all these clips are practice clips and will not appear in your real test. The DVSA do not publish the real clips and have kept these secret.


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