Can we monitor individual student progress?

Yes you can.  When your students sign up to your service they will automatically be added to the register on the Student tab. Here you can review their progress, see what stage each student is at and where they are having difficulty.

This information is only accessible by the primary contact.  Once you sign in to Theory Test Pro, simply click on the Students tab. At a glance you will see:

  • A complete list of all the students that are signed up for this service
  • Date they joined
  • Vehicle Coverage Category

Once you select an individual student you will see:

  • The type of test they're studying for
  • The date joined
  • Whether they've booked their test or not.  If they have the test date will be displayed
  • The number of questions they've answered from the test bank
  • A complete test history, including their results
  • Percentage of topic coverage


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