Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android - FAQ's

How is the app different to the mobile-optimized version of Theory Test Pro?

The mobile apps are different to the mobile optimized experience you see when you're signed onto our website using your mobile phones.  You'll notice:

  • Offer practice questions by topic or all questions
  • Offer full library of hazard perception clips
  • Do not offer the timed full or quick tests 
  • Offer practice for Car test types only

The apps run faster and work offline because they don't require an internet connection to run. This would be a benefit for students that are in areas with poor internet access.

The app (and your brand) is also more prominent to students it's always on their phone. Because of this, it's likely to be more of a talking point and will hopefully result in more business.


Unlimited access is exclusive to Plus and Premium Plans - Why do I have to pay more to upgrade?

If you’re on a discontinued plan then you probably subscribed to Theory Test Pro quite early on when prices were lower and there were limited features. These new plans contain more features and are priced accordingly.

We believe in clear and upfront pricing. This means that when you subscribe to any plan you’ll always get the same service and features as when you signed up. No one likes surprise price hikes or nasty hidden charges.

We continually work to make our products better. Some of these improvements are released for free, but sometimes we introduce new plans to reflect the extra value they bring. If you’re an existing customer, you’re under no obligation to upgrade - even if we’ve discontinued your plan.  

If you want to offer your full access students unlimited access to the mobile apps then you would need to upgrade/subscribe to a Plus or Premium plan.  Then:

  • Students can download the apps for free, then unlock full access by signing in using the same login details they use to sign into their accounts on our website
  • App is fully branded with your logo, name, and contact information
  • Students have access to the entire practice question bank and our full library of hazard perception clips
  • All student activity is uploaded to your instructor account


Why is the app so big and take so long to download?

The apps contain our entire library of hazard perception clips. Unfortunately video files are huge and so it will take a while to download the app. However, once you’ve downloaded the app you won’t need an internet connection because all the video files will be held on your phone.


Can I see my students’ results?

Yes, whenever your student completes a test their results are updated on Theory Test Pro.


Do I need to pay a subscription to try out the apps?

No, you can download the apps for free from the App Store or Google Play. However, the apps won’t be branded with your logo and contact details unless you subscribe to our Plus or Premium plans.


How does a student use the app?

From an instructor’s point of view, the process isn’t very different to how it currently works. Here’s what happens:


1. You enrol your student on Theory Test Pro as normal.

2. We send them a welcome email and their login details.

3. Your student downloads the Theory Test Pro app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

4. They sign into the app using the same login details they do for the site and all of the features are automatically unlocked.


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