Why do students see questions on the test that they've not covered with TTP?

Although almost all the content that you could see on actual test is covered in the content on our site via the practice questions; some material on the test comes from source materials, ie the Highway Code, which we also offer.

The live questions for the official test are drawn from the source materials.  Students should expect to see questions on the test that they haven't seen on our site because they'll be derived from the Highway Code.

For example, you may see a question about Pets on the actual test.  This is covered in the Highway Code section 'Rules about Animals' 47 to 58.  However, we don't have any practice questions covering this.

It is important to understand that the practice questions are only part of the learning materials and are there to give an accurate feel for the live test.  





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    Don Harris

    Hi Guys,
    I recently wanted to print up a copy of the pupil progress sheet showing sessions spent and when. Unfortunately it would only show the graphics display for print up. Any reason for this?

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